Fallout New Vegas mod forces you to try and beat the game while drowning in pork and beans

Some pork and beans in Fallout New Vegas.

Some pork and beans in Fallout New Vegas.

While a lot of Fallout 4 mods are designed to bring beloved features and characters from previous games in the series to the Commonwealth, including everyone’s favourite clone and Mr House’s robotic friends, sometimes you can’t beat delving back into Fallout 3 or New Vegas for real.

After all, while the Fallout 4 New Vegas modding project looks to be coming along brilliantly, it hasn’t quite arrived in full yet.

However, if sifting through the screenshots and clips from its showcase week has you itching to dive back into Obsidian’s original game and you’re not a big planespotter, a new mod might be just what you need to spice things up a bit.

Are you looking forward to leaving a trail of tins behind as you traverse the Mojave?

The mod in question is called ‘Beaned - 10 Pork and Beans Every Second’ and is the work of modder SpookySleep, whose previous work has given the courier the option of being accompanied by a fiend named Trashboat and given them the ability to fart on command, as you can see in the video below.

Perhaps inspired by the same appetite for pork and bean-powered destruction that mod exhibited, this time they’ve decided to provide the courier with a never-ending supply of the popular wasteland snack, making ten tins of the stuff spawn around the player every second.

The primary reason for instituting this bizarre mechanic according to SpookySleep is simply “because it's funny”, though they do also point out that it could prove useful to those who’ve previously downloaded vasoconstriction’s mod ‘Become addicted to pork n' beans’, which, in case you’re wondering, does exactly what it says on the tin.

Another possible use for the mod could be to attempt a playthrough similar to streamer DougDoug’s infamous cheese wheel filled run through Skyrim, which SpookySleep cites as a key inspiration for it.

Regardless of whether you’re two minutes away from waking up in Doc Mitchell’s house and creating the ultimate pork and beans loving courier, make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods like this one for Fallout, Skyrim and Elden Ring.

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