Fallout 4 modder ensures Mr House has a Securitron presence in the Commonwealth

An image of a securitron in Fallout 4.

An image of a securitron in Fallout 4.

Life in the Commonwealth is certainly interesting, with near endless radioactive adventures to go on, plenty of quirky NPCs to talk to and the occasional terrifying encounter awaiting the Sole Survivor.

That said, many Fallout fans are consumed by an ever-present desire to turn all of the series’ games into New Vegas, often using mods as their means, with Fallout 4 being no exception to this rule.

Thankfully ‘The Crash Man’, an army of Easy Petes and YouTuber Jake Paul are all still locked on the other side of the country for now, but a new mod might help bring a taste of Nevada to Boston.

Get ready for the streets of Boston to feel like the New Vegas Strip

The mod in question is called ‘Securitrons Only’ and is the work of modder radicalclownfriend, whose previous work has helped turn the glowing sea into a lush paradise and produced a Brotherhood of Steel variant of the Enclave’s hellfire power armour.

This time, however, they’ve used their modding powers to replace all of the game’s sentry bots, aside from a couple of named exceptions like the iconic Captain Ironsides, with New Vegas’ infamous securitrons, which pack a similar punch in terms of firepower and have the additional bonus of reminding you of being talked down to by Mr House.

How did they get to the Commonwealth? Don’t ask radicalclownfriend, as they only made the mod for a bit of fun and therefore haven’t come up with an elaborate lore explanation.

If you feel like this’ll bother you while you’re playing, you could download another of radicalclownfriend’s mods, called ‘Cazadores Only’, which will bring a little more of New Vegas to the experience by replacing the vanilla game’s stingwings, in addition to ensuring that you’re far too busy running for your life to care about lore.

Or, if Fallout 3 is more your style, you can opt for another of their mods, called ‘DC Robots Only’, which makes sure that all of the robots you’ll encounter, from Mr Handies to Protectrons and Eyebots, will remind you of the Lone Wanderer’s travails in the Capital Wasteland.

So, pick your bots of choice and make sure to follow us for coverage of the wacky worlds of Elden Ring and Skyrim modding.

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