Fallout 4 modders bring Cyberpunk 2077 braindance gear to The Commonwealth

Some Cyberpunk 2077 characters in Fallout 4.

Some Cyberpunk 2077 characters in Fallout 4.

When they’re not caught in the middle of an intense gunfight, desperately hunting for something to heal their wounds, or jumping at every creak or groan they hear as they travel through creepy metro tunnels, Fallout 4 players can often be found trying on new post-apocalyptic threads.

After all, if you’re not making an effort to find the perfect hat for your follower or dressing up as an NFL quarterback so you can get fully immersed in throwing mini-nukes, how are enemies to know you’re not to be messed with?

If your Sole Survivor is struggling to cultivate the necessary amount of drip to leave super mutants aghast, a new mod, which brings some of Cyberpunk 2077’s interesting fashion to Fallout 4, might be of interest.

Ever wanted to bring a taste of Cyberpunk 2077 to your next Fallout 4 playthrough?

The mod in question is called ‘Braindance Wreath (Cyberpunk 2077)’ and is the work of a group of modders led by EngineGaming. Some of their previous modding work has given Fallout 4 players the ability to pose with pool cues and rock some more realistic bruises.

This time, they’ve teamed up with a bunch of fellow modders to bring fully customisable versions of Night City’s braindance headsets to the game, providing the perfect new accessory for those who care more for the futuristic vibe than that of a grizzled survivalist.

Available in more colours than you could ever need and seemingly with working lights, the headset is craftable via the chemistry station, where you’ll find a new category called ‘cp77-braindance’.

It also doesn’t require any components to manufacture, so don’t worry about having to go rooting around for ruined electronics or the exact type of coloured plastic that’ll match your power armour.

You also don’t have to stress about not having anywhere suitable to display your headset when not wearing it, as the mod includes a special stand for it that you can build via any settlement workshop, assuming you’ve got a single bottle cap about your person.

Regardless of whether your Sole Survivor is now strutting through Diamond City rocking the kind of look Johnny Silverhand would be proud of, make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods like this one for Fallout, Skyrim and Cyberpunk 2077. You can also check out our mods of the month for November.

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