Fallout 4 Nuclear Football mod allows you to throw mini-nukes like a quarterback

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Fallout 4's Sole Survivor playing American football with a mini-nuke.

While a lot of Fallout 4 mods are designed to bring beloved features and characters from previous games in the series to the Commonwealth, including everyone’s favourite clone and Mr House’s robotic friends, sometimes one comes along that offers something truly unique.

Sometimes this is a version of the Commonwealth that’s more terrifying than ever before or a stadium that’ll allow you to roleplay as a post-apocalyptic Lionel Messi.

Much like the latter of those two, the latest mod to fit this mould is sports-related, giving you the chance to lob touchdown passes like Patrick Mahomes, but using mini-nukes instead of the pigskin.

Are you looking forward to showing off your arm with some long-range bombs?

The mod in question is called ‘Nuclear Football’ and is the work of modder justreddz, whose previous work has made the game’s pool tables work like the real thing and enabled you to go rampaging through the Commonwealth in a colourful bee costume.

This time, with some help from a number of other modders, they’ve managed to bring a taste of Madden to post-apocalyptia, by turning the Sole Survivor into the most explosive offensive player ever to grace a gridiron.

The mod accomplishes this by adding a bunch of mini-nukes to various locations throughout the map which resemble and can be thrown like an American football, rather than having to be launched via a Fat Man.

Gaining possession of one of these devices will give you the chance to lob it at enemies via a set of football-themed animations also added to the game by the mod, while the ability to craft extra balls at chemistry stations ensures that you don’t have to be shy with regards to going for Hail Mary passes if you find yourself in danger of being sacked by enemies.

If your Sole Survivor is on the older side and their arm isn’t quite what it used to be, as many of the new mini-nuke variants added by the mod can also seemingly be fired via the Fat Man too, ensuring that those who’ve already retired can still get in on the explosive football action.

For those excited by the prospect of taking to the field, justreddz recommends also grabbing JohnnyBlade’s ‘Football Helmets of the Commonwealth’ in order to kit immersively yourself out, a suggestion which also makes a lot of sense for those who aren’t bothered about immersion, given that the mod doesn’t have any animations that’ll let you throw the nukes while wearing power armour yet.

Regardless of whether you’re currently out on the practice field designing plays to counter a formidable super mutant safety blitz, make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods like this one for Fallout, Skyrim and Elden Ring.

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