Fallout 4 modder adds FIFA-inspired football stadium to the Commonwealth

An image of some football in Fallout 4.

An image of some football in Fallout 4.

Life in the Commonwealth is certainly interesting, with near endless radioactive adventures to go on, plenty of quirky NPCs and robots to talk to, plus the occasional terrifying encounter all awaiting the Sole Survivor.

That said, no matter how big a Fallout fan you may be, sometimes you might find yourself longing for a bit of a change to spice things up.

While you could do this by transforming Fallout 4 into a JRPG, those who love a bit of the footy might prefer to turn it into FIFA with the help of a new mod.

Get ready to kick off the post-apocalyptic World Cup

The mod in question is called ‘Football - Soccer stadium Settlement Blueprint’ and is the work of modder BushwickBill101, who’s previously made settlement blueprint mods inspired by Fallout 3’s Megaton and Fallout 2’s Camp Navarro.

This time they’ve turned the Spectacle Island settlement into the footy capital of the Commonwealth, constructing a bespoke football stadium complete with pitch, stands and even a commentary box.

Naturally, a lot of the items used to make up the monolithic soccer Mecca aren’t present in the base game, so get ready to set a bunch of other downloads going before you get to the main mod.

First up on the required mod list are NovaCoru’s ‘Homemaker - Expanded Settlements’ and both GrilledTurkey’s ‘Capital Wasteland Workshop Pack’ and ‘Capital Wasteland Workshop Pack II’, all of which will give you more customisation options, followed by g2mXagent’s ‘G2M - Workshop’ and tamayo831’s ‘Business Settlements 1.9 (Standalone)’ both of which do exactly the same thing.

Sadly, you’re far from done, as cVcNEX’s ‘cVc Dead Wasteland’, Mkdo40’s ‘Wasteland Imports - Goodies from all across the Wasteland…’ and Crimsomrider’s ‘Crimsomrider's Unique Furniture’ are up next, trailed by TroyIrving’s ‘Settlement Supplies Expanded’ and moriartykain’s ‘Custom Concrete Walls with Window Glass’.

Finally, you’ll need a couple of extra gizmos in the form of Daedragon’s ‘Wall Pass-Through Power Conduits’ and ccmads’ ‘Craftable High Tech Elevator’, plus some nice little decorations courtesy of dinozaurz’s ‘Dino's Decorations - clutter arrangements for your settlements’, jet4571’s ‘12 Potted Trees’, and Ethreon’s ‘Plant Me’.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab dabigpit’s ‘Sport Fields’ too so you have something to play on.

So, do some stretches, lace up your boots and make sure to follow us for coverage of the wacky worlds of Elden Ring and Skyrim modding.

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