Fallout 4 modder brings beloved Final Fantasy character to the Commonwealth

An image of Final Fantasy's Cloud in Fallout.

An image of Final Fantasy's Cloud in Fallout.

Life in the Commonwealth is certainly interesting, with near endless radioactive adventures to go on, plenty of quirky NPCs and robots to talk to, plus the occasional terrifying encounter all awaiting the Sole Survivor.

That said, no matter how big a Fallout fan you may be, sometimes you might find yourself longing for a bit of a change to spice things up.

While New Vegas fans can do this by adding the likes of ‘The Crash Man’, an army of Easy Petes and YouTuber Jake Paul into their game, using a new mod to transform Fallout 4 into a JRPG might be just as interesting an option.

Get ready to unleash JRPG mayhem on the wasteland

The mod in question is called ‘Cloud Strife M-face preset’ and is the work of modder PantheraLeo0802, who’s decided to make bringing the spiky-haired swordsman from Final Fantasy into the Commonwealth the subject of their first ever mod.

They’ve done this using several established mods to create a face preset of Cloud in the game’s character creation menu, crafting a visage that’s about as close to Mr Strife as you’re going to get.

In order to get the same result, however, you’ll first need to grab a laundry list of other mods that do everything from expanding the creation framework you’ll be working with to ensuring that poor Cloud won’t be forced to rock the same threadbare clothes as his fellow wastelanders.

First up are Expired6978’s ‘LooksMenu’ and AGodComplexPikachu’s ‘Looks Menu Customization Compendium’, both of which will give you more customisation options, followed by l550050’s ‘M-face (character creation extender)’ and ‘M-skin for EVB (male body and face texture)’ both of which do the same but on a slightly more terrifying scale.

Finally, SkyrimSasuke’s ‘Cloud Strife Hair and Outfit’ will be necessary to ensure that your character doesn’t come out bald and in the buff, though if you decide to also grab Xenius’s ‘Xenius Character Expansion’ in order to gain the exact skin tone PantheraLeo0802 has used for their preset, this might give you a chance to appreciate that in-depth.

Also, if you’re not sick of downloading things by that point, you could snag LeahTheUnknown’s ‘Leah's Hero Arsenal - Two-Pack - Star Trek and Final Fantasy - Cloud's Buster Sword and Klingon Bat'letH’, which’ll allow you to put the cherry on top by adding Cloud’s killer blade to your armoury.

So, brush up on your Final Fantasy lore and make sure to follow us for coverage of the wacky worlds of Elden Ring and Skyrim modding.

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