Fallout 4 modder gives you the chance to be followed by a cowboy hat-wearing version of New Vegas’ ED-E

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Falllout New Vegas' ED-E in Fallout 4.

A lot of Fallout 4 mods are designed to introduce a completely new mechanic, item or atmosphere to the game that’ll completely revolutionise your adventures or simply to re-work areas of the game you’ll have walked through a thousand times.

However, sometimes all a modder needs to do to reignite your desire to play Fallout is to bring a beloved feature or character from previous games in the series to The Commonwealth.

One new mod aims to build on previous efforts to do exactly this, attaching some new missions and modifications to the Fallout 4 version of beloved Fallout New Vegas follower ED-E.

Are you looking forward to hunting for cola in Fallout 4 whenever you’re low on health?

The mod in question is called ‘Fallout New Vegas - ExpandED-E Companion’ and is the work of modder Fantafaust, whose previous modding efforts have brought New Vegas’ implants to Fallout 4 and turned Skyrim’s Dragonborn into an undead revenant.

This time, they’ve decided to build on GrilledTurkey’s mod ‘Fallout New Vegas - ED-E Companion’, which brings ED-E the eyebot to The Commonwealth and makes it a recruitable follower, by adding some short quests and extra modifications.

The string of quests begins with you finding a broken ED-E via distress signal and fixing it up so that it can become your companion. Once it’s in your party, as with the game’s vanilla companions, you’ll have to try and act in ways that it approves of in order to trigger two more companion quests.

Occurring once you hit affinity ratings of 250 and 500, both of these quests involve rooting out holotapes that ED-E wants, one of which will activate its ability to blast music across the wasteland via an in-built radio station. ED-E also comes with a companion perk with five different ranks to progress through as you travel together.

While you’re trying to earn the robot’s respect in order to reap these rewards, you might want to get involved in the game’s main quest, as the mod also makes ED-E’s combat abilities and appearance change based on which faction you choose to side with, mirroring the decision you face during its New Vegas quest line.

While siding with the Institute is the only way to ensure your new mate will have a courser chip fitted and becoming part of the Brotherhood of Steel is the only way to net him an armour upgrade, the mod also makes it possible to add some of your own customisation touches.


Found a random hat you think might look cool perched atop ED-E’s robotic bonce? Well, assuming it won’t clip through his chassis, odds are you’ll be able to modify it to make it wearable for your new friend.

Regardless of whether your ED-E now looks as though it’s got a big iron on its hip, make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting mods like this one for Fallout, Skyrim and Elden Ring.

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