More inXile Teasers Reveal Information About Their Upcoming RPG

A tweet from the inXile account has replied to an Xbox post which points at new information regarding their upcoming RPG.

A few weeks ago we reported on a series of tweets from studio head Brian Fargo, where he took to Twitter to share some information about the RPG title they have in the works.

The Tweet in reply to Xbox
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The Tweet in reply to Xbox

With a fun tweet from Xbox, giving players an idea of what games to play by picking something based on when they pause the GIF, the inXile account responded saying they landed on "New, FPS, and RPG."

The response, clearly a small teaser for their new RPG game that we know is in development, announces to fans that the game will be a first-person shooter.

More inXile Teasers Reveal Information About Their Upcoming RPG

With Brian Fargo saying weeks ago that "we won't see the game for a long time" and he knows "teasing is cruel" why is the inXile team now starting to post more teasers?

With E3 to take place in a month's time, and Xbox confirmed to be making an appearance, maybe we will see confirmation of the game and a small teaser to accompany it.

Read more: InXile's Studio Head Says We Won't See Their New RPG For "Quite a Long Time".

InXile has been hard at work bringing updates to their 2020 hit turn-based RPG Wasteland 3, with an upcoming DLC pack coming on June 3rd. You can read all about what to expect here.

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