InXile's Studio Head Says We Won't See Their New RPG For "Quite a Long Time"

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Studio Head and creator of InXile Entertainment, has posted a small teaser of the studio's new RPG reportedly in the works.

Brian Fargo says he is "excited about the visuals, design, and writing" for their next big game.

So far not much information has been revealed about the project and developers working on it refer to it as a secret project.

Fargo says he knows teasing is cruel but he believes this project is shaping up to be a really good RPG. He goes on to inform everyone that we won't see the game for "quite a long time".

InXile was acquired by Microsoft in 2018, giving them more funding than ever to make a successful AAA title RPG.

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There is a well-established team working behind this title which leaves fans excited for an announcement.

Some of the developers that are a part of the leadership team at Inxile have worked on titles such as Outer Worlds, God of War, World of Warcraft, and Wasteland 3.

Brian Fargo himself was the executive producer of Fallout 1 and many other titles at Interplay Entertainment before he went different ways with the company in 2000, and founded InXile during 2003.


With a solid team with industry experience in the RPG world, fans are holding out hope for any type of announcement, however, it is very unlikely we will see anything this year or even early next year.

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