Wasteland 3 Battle of Steeltown DLC: Everything We Know

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Wasteland 3 was one of 2020's best RPGs, and while it has received a series of patches, we now know it'll be getting an expansion, too.

The Battle of Steeltown is a sizeable new content drop that'll be available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation players. Here's everything we know.


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Wasteland 3 Battle of Steeltown DLC: Everything We Know

Release Date

Battle of Steeltown arrives on Steam, GOG, Xbox One and PS4 on June 3, meaning we're just days away.


What is the Battle of Steeltown?

According to the expansion's official synopsis:

"The towering factory complex of Steeltown manufactures all the tech that keeps Colorado running and the Patriarch in power - trucks, armour, weapons, and robots. But deliveries from Steeltown have stopped cold, and all the Patriarch is getting from Abigail Markham - Steeltown's leader - are excuses.

"When he sends the Rangers to investigate, they find the place is a powder keg with the fuse already lit. The workers are striking, bandits raid with impunity, and nobody is allowed through the gates, not even on the business of the Patriarch. Without help, Steeltown could crash and burn for good, and take Markham with it - but maybe that's just what it needs.


"The Rangers will have to decide that for themselves."

What's Included?

As you'd expect, the update adds new questlines to pursue and new enemies to fight, but it'll also introduce new combat mechanics, too.

Telegraphed attacks are coming, which deal huge damage to anyone they hit, while players will be able to stack status effects on enemies.


The expansion will also scale to your level, so it's ready to jump into whether you're a Wasteland legend or just starting out on your journey. The expansion's story will also alter depending on choices you've made in the main game.


The expansion will set players back $13.99, but those with Xbox Game Pass can get a 10% discount.


Check out the expansion's trailer below: