Latest Modern Warfare 2 update causes game to crash and players are furious

Modern Warfare 2 Ghost and Captain Price
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 Ghost and Captain Price
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 players are no strangers to experiencing game-breaking crashes. Whether it’s the Travis-Rilea error kicking players out of the action or other bugs and glitches causing problems, the opening season of post-launch content hasn’t been the smoothest of sailing.

With attention turning to the start of Season Two, there’s plenty of content making its way to multiplayer despite players claiming Infinity Ward is prioritising the success of Warzone 2 over MW2.

On January 30, an update for Infinity Ward’s latest release went live and according to several members of the community, it’s broken the game leaving many furious.

Another Modern Warfare 2 update breaks the game

When attempting to load into the game, Reddit user nathanonreddit16 claims the update has caused ‘extreme crashing’ leaving them unable to play. The problems are so severe, it’s causing consoles to switch off unintentionally.

It turns out, the sudden crashing isn’t an isolated occurrence. “I’m on PS5 and the game keeps crashing on DMZ,” reports one commenter. Considering DMZ is part of Warzone 2, it appears the update is also impacting the battle royale alongside multiplayer which is far from ideal.

“Game crashed twice randomly in-game on top of lag spikes,” reports another frustrated fan. Small Modern Warfare 2 updates usually address bug fixes and improve the user experience but on several occasions, players are experiencing more problems when a new update goes live.

The exact cause of the sudden game crashes following an update remains a mystery but there’s always a chance of the Season Two update addressing the problem so players can drop into the action without experiencing any issues. Until then, a simple PC or console restart is the best course of action.

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