Modern Warfare 2 players demand changes to UI

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun and Ghost
Credit: Activision

As the Modern Warfare 2 beta winds down, players are beginning to share their feedback on Infinity Ward’s latest offering. In addition to many believing the time to kill (TTK) is far too fast, there are other areas of the game the community isn’t fond of.

Alongside the overhaul of the Gunsmith, the user interface (UI) has undergone a makeover. Instead of vertical lists, a more horizontal approach for custom loadouts and the players’ friends lists has missed the mark.

The UI design means some players are struggling to find the best Modern Warfare 2 guns, leading to one player asking who designed the UI, claiming they “cannot imagine” how it managed to go “through QA [testing] like it is.”

Modern Warfare 2 players slam new UI

Amongst the huge amount of feedback and opinions, Reddit user “FlowKom” expresses their frustration with the new system. Alongside the problems, the user also suggests some improvements for Infinity Ward to make before the full game launches.

“It is just clunky, unintuitive and straight up worse,” says the user. At the time of writing, the post has 1.7k upvotes suggesting they’re not the only ones frustrated with the new UI. “Please revert all the changes regarding these grey boxes back to vertical lists,” asks FlowKom.

Another disgruntled fan claims the Modern Warfare 2 UI “is the most confusing COD UI that they ever designed,” and having played the game, it’s hard to disagree. The new menus overcomplicate simple actions such as viewing level progression and loadout customisation to levels where it wasn’t worth spending time to figure out how to gain access to those features.

On the other hand, the beta is an unfinished version of the full game and with plenty of feedback for Infinity Ward to work with, there’s always a chance things will change before the full launch takes place on October 28.

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