MW2 TTK - Is the Modern Warfare 2 time to kill too short?

MW2 TTK is a hot topic with the beta being in the hands of the PlayStation population right now: and with good reason. With each minor update to a Call of Duty game comes a slightly revised TTK (or time to kill). It'll always depend on your weapon, attachments, perks, and heaps of other variables, but the average Modern Warfare 2 TTK is what's under fire right now.

There's always time for things to change before the October release, but the Modern Warfare 2 time to kill in the current beta is drumming up some concerns. After all, taking too many or too few hits to drop an opponent can massively upset the flow of the game entirely, leading to a less-than-satisfactory experience anywhere on the skill ladder.

For more on this year's big shooty game, check out our extensive list of the best Modern Warfare 2 guns you can use in the beta. We've even put together the same thing for the Modern Warfare 2 perks you'll see in the final release.

What is TTK?

TTK is an acronym for 'time to kill' - the average time it takes for a weapon to deplete a target's HP from full. Not only does this differ with each gun, its attachments, and the perks equipped by the shooter and the target at the time, but it can differ wildly between games as well.

As HP values and damage numbers are tweaked to suit a game's maps, pacing, and movement mechanics, the average TTK changes as well: for better or for worse.

What is the MW2 TTK

Though it's hard to get concrete data without hundreds of thousands of kills stuffed into a spreadsheet, listening to player feedback on community hubs like Reddit can get a decent idea of what the MW2 TTK is right now.

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According to the public, the small majority of players feel as if the MW2 time to kill value is a little too short at the moment. It seems to fall mostly in line with the last Infinity Ward title, the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot.

The reason for the lower TTK compared to last year's Call of Duty Vanguard will come as a shock to those who religiously played it for the past 12 months, but you'll be less surprised by this tweak if you played the 2019 release more prominently than those that came after.

Another reason why the MW2 TTK might feel so much lower to die-hard Call of Duty fans right now could also be down to the equippable perks available as well. For example: with noise-suppression perks like Ninja and Dead Silence seemingly absent, the game's handling of loud footsteps has made it easier to accurately pinpoint an enemy's position.

If you're simply being killed as soon as you poke your head around a corner, you'll feel as if the TTK is low when, in reality, it's perfectly fine - it was just a case of the enemy being ready for your attempted ambush. As Reddit user LaFrescaTrumpeta proclaimed: "[it's] a camper's paradise."

We'll have more on the Modern Warfare 2 time to kill details as the beta continues. For now, though, check out the best Modern Warfare 2 ARs in Warzone. They're the weapons leading the charge in this one as well.

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