Modern Warfare 2 camo bug causes platinum progression to reset

Modenr Warfare 2 platinum camo next to Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun
Credit: Activision

Modenr Warfare 2 platinum camo next to Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun
Credit: Activision

The first season of Modern Warfare 2 is in full swing and despite frustration surrounding the lack of content for Infinity Ward’s latest multiplayer offering, players continue to drop into the action.

Season One sees the return of the legendary Shipment map alongside a new battle pass packed with a huge variety of content to unlock. On top of that, many are still working through the extensive range of camo challenges.

With some players nearing the coveted Platinum unlock, some have noticed their progression has reset following the launch of the new season, much to their annoyance.

Modern Warfare 2 camo progression reset

After completing all of the gold camouflage challenges for the assault rifles, Reddit user “BuddyNo8738” notices the game won’t allow them to complete the challenge needed to unlock Platinum.

“It’s telling me that I’ve completed 0/8 gold challenges and won’t unlock platinum camos,” says the user. After further investigation, other players are experiencing exactly the same problems. “Have 3/5 platinums on snipers and can’t progress,” reveals another frustrated player.

However, there’s still hope for those wanting to work through the necessary challenges needed to unlock the mastery camo. “Despite saying I had 0/8 golds, the platinum challenges still tracked,” reveals one player. This discovery means you can still unlock platinum but you will need to redo any lost progress, which is still hugely frustrating.

The cause of this particular glitch coincides with the launch of Modern Warfare 2 Season One. Although several players are impacted by the issue, Infinity Ward is yet to reveal if it plans on restoring the lost progress, or is working on a fix allowing players to track their progress easily.

While we wait for a fix, check out our guides showcasing the best Modern Warfare 2 SMG and the latest intel on upcoming Modern Warfare 2 double XP events.

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