Harry Potter tattoo found on Modern Warfare 2 Operator

Harry Potter and MW2 Ghost
Credit: Activision / Warner Bros

Harry Potter and MW2 Ghost
Credit: Activision / Warner Bros

Modern Warfare 2 contains a wealth of Operators that are available to use in multiplayer. Whether it’s Captain Price or the enigmatic Konig, there’s plenty of choice for those dropping into the action.

With all eyes turning towards the Season Two update, the chances of a new addition to the Operator roster are extremely high, with leaks currently pointing towards a popular character from 2019’s Modern Warfare making a return. Ahead of the update, eagle-eyed fans continue to discover tidbits of information about the members of SpecGru and KorTac factions.

The most recent discovery involves Nova and the discovery of a tattoo of a symbol Harry Potter fans will find extremely familiar.

Modern Warfare 2 Operator is Harry Potter fan

After taking a closer look at Nova, Reddit user JarlOfRiva notices the Deathly Hallows symbol on her left arm. The discovery coincides with the build-up to the launch of Hogwarts Legacy leaving members of the community wondering if a potential crossover is in the works.

The discovery has left Nova fans concerned that the Operator will disappear so Infinity Ward avoids any potential copyright issues with the Wizarding World. “Watch her get pulled now like the Museum map,” says one commenter.

The Museum map first appeared during the Modern Warfare 2 beta but hasn’t appeared since. “Why do the actual models look so much better than their in-game characters?” questions one fan who’s not a fan of the discovery.

Upon further discovery, the Deathly Hallows symbol wasn’t added by the designers at Infinity Ward. The tattoo belongs to Jasmine Colgan, the model used to portray Nova in multiplayer and in Warzone 2. With a huge range of Operators available, there’s bound to be more secrets hidden in plain sight.

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