Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 fan recreates iconic map in Fortnite Creative

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Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 Shipment map and Fortnite character holding a weapon with jungle in background
Credit: Activision / Epic Games

The Unreal Editor for Fortnite, otherwise known as Fortnite Creative, has opened the door for numerous cool creations to pop up in the battle royale. Now, fans of Modern Warfare 2 are using its tools for some Call of Duty-themed builds.

With attention turning towards what Season 4 Reloaded has in store, players loading into Infinity Ward’s latest launch have seemingly been encountering hackers that have gained access to an unreleased Operator, while others have been discussing which classic weapons they want to see return soon.

The Modern Warfare series features some of the most iconic multiplayer maps in the entire Call of Duty series and one creative fan has recently decided to reconstruct one of these in Fortnite Creative.

Modern Warfare 2 map appears in Fortnite Creative

Reddit user Emagme40989, the fan in question, has rebuilt the iconic Shipment map in Fortnite with expert precision. Even the colors of the shipping containers match the original!

As expected, several community members were impressed by the build's level of detail. One fan said: “As someone who enjoys both games, I gotta say, this is pretty cool and it looks good.”

On the other hand, fans were quick to mention Activision’s plan to remove Call of Duty maps from Fortnite Creative. One explained “It’s against ToS (terms of service). It’ll likely get taken down or (issued with) a C&D (cease & desist).” For now, the Shipment reconstruction remains live.

Although it’s impressive to see Modern Warfare 2 fans recreate their favourite battlegrounds using the tools available, it’s understandable to see why Activision is taking action against some creations.

For those looking for some close-range action, it’s best to stick to running around the versions of Shipment included in Modern Warfare 2 and other Call of Duty titles.

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