Modern Warfare 2 fans discover mysterious QR code on gun

Modern Warfare 2 gun QR code
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 gun QR code
Credit: Activision

The gunsmith in Modern Warfare 2 contains a huge range of weaponry capable of suiting any style of play imaginable. Whether it’s running and gunning or long-distance duels, there’s something for everyone.

As attention moves to the highly-anticipated Season Two update players continue to drop into the action despite some claiming Infinity Ward prioritises Warzone 2 over multiplayer. Although several players have mastered the entire arsenal, new secrets are still appearing.

The latest discovery involves a mysterious QR code found on the magazine of the RGL-80 grenade launcher.

Modern Warfare 2 grenade launcher QR code

After taking a closer look at the launcher, Reddit user SeanTheftAuto saw a small QR code located on the drum and after scanning it, it appears Infinity Ward has left a small Easter Egg.

As expected, several fans have scanned the QR code, with many left confused as to why it brings up the Indian Wheelchair Premier League. Upon further inspection, it says ‘IWPL <3’ which references Infinity Ward’s Poland studio which assisted with the development of Modern Warfare 2. “They’re the people who rebuilt the game engine for MW2019,” reveals one commenter.

Typically, one studio spearheads the development of a new Call of Duty title and in the case of Modern Warfare 2, it’s Infinity Ward. They’re not the only studio that works on the game though.

Alongside the developer’s Los Angeles, Mexican, Polish, and Texan studios, Raven Software Demonware, Toys for Bob, Sledgehammer Games, High Moon Studios, Activision Shanghai, and Treyarch have helped with various aspects of the game.

Rather than the QR code teasing new content, some developers have left a small thank you within the game as a token of appreciation. Perhaps there are more QR codes lurking within the game? We’ll have to wait and see.

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