Modern Warfare 2 players demand changes to core gameplay mechanic

Modern Warfare 2 6v6 boring
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 6v6 boring
Credit: Activision

Throughout Call of Duty history, developers have refined and reformed multiplayer in a bid to provide players with unique experiences during each annual release cycle. With Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward offers limitless gun customisation options alongside the usual dose of game modes and maps.

As eyes move to the launch of Season Two, there are several fans that believe the developer is prioritising Warzone 2 over multiplayer despite plenty of new content arriving in a few weeks.

The latest topic of conversation getting the community talking involves 6v6 gameplay. One claims the small player count is boring on the current selection of maps.

Is Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer boring?

According to Reddit user MrQualtrough, the lack of players on the map is why the game is failing to capture the imagination of the community. “6 vs 6 is why the game is BORING. BORING. BORING.”

Despite the negativity, the fan hopes Infinity Ward turns it around with the addition of an increased player counts similar to Vanguard multiplayer. “Hopefully more than anything, I’d like to see a 12 vs 12.”

Others agree with the sentiment of 6 vs 6 failing to feel like a constant dose of fast-paced action. Alongside the lack of players on a team, there are other features that contribute to Modern Warfare 2’s lack of action. “No more squad spawns would help tremendously,” suggests another fan. With players constantly spawning on top of their teammates, a more traditional spawn system is bound to spread the action across the battlefield.

Increasing the player count isn’t a new feature. Vanguard multiplayer introduced combat pacing and gave players a choice between 6v6, 10v10, and 12v12 matches to suit all styles of play. Perhaps Infinity Ward should take a leaf from the Sledgehammer Games playbook and give players a choice between traditional 6v6 and the all-out chaos of 12v12.

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