Modern Warfare 2 controller player with no aim assist sparks debate

Modern Warfare 2 aim assist debate
Credit: Activision

The topic of aim assist between PC and console Call of Duty players always causes debate within the community. Whether you prefer using a mouse and keyboard for additional precision or a controller to dominate the opposition, the extra aim leaves many Modern Warfare 2 players wondering which is best.

As eyes start turning towards the launch of Season Two, one controller is attempting to prove the doubters wrong by dropping into multiplayer without any aim assist to guide their weapons to the right place in the heat of battle.

While many approve of the impressive accuracy, there are others that aren’t convinced by the quick flicks of the thumbstick.

Modern Warfare 2 hacks or no hacks?

A tweet from Call of Duty content creator Dynamicyhx showcases his skill using a controller with all aim assist settings switched off. The lightning-fast reactions are a sight to behold and although some members of the community are fans of the gameplay, numerous professional players believe something is awry.

Following the tweet from Jake Lucky, former professional player Preston ‘Prestinni’ Sanderson questions the legitimacy of the player’s skill. “I hate that some people are believing this is legit,” states the ex-Florida Mutineer.

Despite the accusations, the content creator continues to maintain his innocence with more footage alongside a camera of the controller expected to arrive soon. Among the hacking claims, fellow content creator Kross supports the display of skill.”If you spend enough time practising at anything, you’ll eventually get good at it.”

Dynamichyhx says he’s played without aim assist for several years which explains the ability to snap onto a target with ease. Although there are many that aren’t convinced, if he was using cheats then why has he not fallen victim to the ban hammer?

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