Modern Warfare 2 battle pass token glitch makes tokens vanish

Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun and wearing helmet
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 player holding gun and wearing helmet
Credit: Activision

The Modern Warfare 2 battle pass contains over 100 pieces of content for you to unlock. Rather than having to work through 100 tiers, Infinity Ward has opted for a different approach in its latest title.

With attention turning to the Season One Reloaded update, players are earning tokens to complete the final few sectors before Season Two begins early next year. Usually, you obtain tokens by completing matches. Then, you can spend them on a specific sector that contains anything ranging from Double XP tokens to exclusive weapon blueprints.

However, players are reporting their hard-earned tokens are disappearing, much to their annoyance.

Where are my Modern Warfare 2 battle pass tokens?

The issue caught the attention of players following a Reddit post from user Ireallydontknowtho. After completing a match expecting battle pass tokens to appear, the tokens vanished, preventing them from unlocking the goods.

Even after a full reinstall of Modern Warfare 2 the tokens aren’t appearing, but one commenter suggests a simple restart will see the tokens return to your inventory. “Tokens earned never register for me unless I quit and restart.”

A fix for this infuriating bug isn’t the only thing on the lists of players hoping the mid-season update includes a range of improvements. Some want a fan-favourite game mode to return, while others are asking Infinity Ward to adjust camo challenges in order to encourage players to jump onto the objective every once in a while during matches.

The exact cause of the disappearing battle pass tokens is unknown but there’s a high chance Infinity Ward is working on a fix that will stop your tokens from vanishing. In the meantime, it’s worth performing regular resets just in case they come back.

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