Modern Warfare 2 players request return of fan-favourite mode

Modern Warfare 2 gunfight players and Ghost holding gun
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 gunfight players and Ghost holding gun
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 features a wide range of game modes to suit your style of play. Whether you want to run and gun the opposition or play modes with a focus on objectives, there’s plenty to choose from.

With eyes pointing towards the Season One Reloaded update, the possibility of Infinity Ward adding new game modes to the existing list is high and with a huge back-catalogue to fall back on, there are plenty of potential candidates.

With requests for the likes of Sabotage and Demolition floating around, there’s one particular mode several fans want to see reappear as part of the mid-season offering.

Modern Warfare 2 Gunfight mode

Gunfight made its debut in 2019’s Modern Warfare and became a hit with players looking for a little extra competition. Reddit user and Gunfight fan “Decent_Sentence” has asked the developers to “bring back Gunfight.”

“It was a really fun mode to play when I was bored of regular multiplayer and Warzone” says the user.

Judging by the comments, the demand for a Gunfight return is high. “They better add it,” states one commenter, “Definitely the best game mode in MW19.” With no ranked playlist in Modern Warfare 2019, Gunfight was arguably the best game mode. In addition to the extra layer of competition, regular tournaments packed with rewards kept you coming back for more.

Containing a set of small, symmetrical maps, two teams of two spawned in with a random loadout with one goal in mind: eliminate the enemy team or capture the objective to win the round. The first team to win six rounds is the victor.

When is Gunfight coming to Modern Warfare 2?

So far, Infinity Ward hasn’t shared any information on the return of Gunfight but there’s always a possibility it reappears in a future seasonal update. The majority of Season One Reloaded content is out in the open, meaning the next chance of it returning is the launch of Season Two next year.

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