GTA Online player manages to fulfil dream of filling garage with Deluxos prior to price hike

The Deluxo-filled garage in GTA Online.
Credit: Rockstar Games/dmcguy12 on Reddit.

The Deluxo-filled garage in GTA Online.
Credit: Rockstar Games/dmcguy12 on Reddit.

While some are already focused on what might happen once GTA 6 gets a concrete release date, many GTA Online players are just trying to make the most of their remaining time in Los Santos.

After all, with Last Dose missions to play through, plenty of events to get involved in, and an array of new cars having been dispatched over the past few months, there’s still plenty of interesting stuff around in the game to keep enterprising criminals who haven’t retreated the crime-free life of a solo chef busy.

For one player, the impending arrival of price changes to various in-game vehicles, as outlined by Rockstar in a recent weekly update, seemingly triggered the beginning of an urgent mission, which has now been completed just in time for the hike to take effect.

Did you go on any last minute shopping sprees before GTA Online’s vehicle price changes took effect?

The automotive accomplishment of the player in question, fittingly-named user dmcguy12, celebrated their success via a recent thread on the GTA Online subreddit, which they kicked off by revealing: “My organisation’s name is ‘Deluxo Motor Co.’, due to my love of the car's real life (counterpart), the (DMC) DeLorean. So before the price hike (went) into effect, I did something I always said I wanted to do someday; (completely) fill a CEO Garage floor with Deluxos.”

To prove this tale was accurate, they accompanied the post with a few pictures of their massive collection of Back to the Future-worthy rides, divided by floor into different colours and paint shades, in order to resemble a proper showroom.

Naturally, many of their fellow criminals were pretty impressed, with user nitrion saying: “Nice! I'm also a huge fan of the DeLorean. I'm hoping one day I can own one (in real life)!” and XxllllxXx adding: “Very nice. RIP (to) your money, though.”

The thread on the GTA Online subreddit.
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Meanwhile, user sigpop16 joked: “(Imagine) this guy’s face when (the) Deluxo becomes a normal ‘cheap’ car without (the) flying and rockets (that made it expensive)," prompting dmcguy12 to respond: “I was always hopeful they'd do this, like they did with the JB700. That's part of the reason I never jumped on buying all 20 until now. If they do, (then) maybe I'll convert all three CEO garage floors to Deluxo storage…”

Regardless of whether you’ve been very busy giving your garage a paid overhaul ahead of the now active price changes, make sure to follow us to receive regular updates on GTA 6 and GTA Online as new vehicles and more arrive.

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