GTA Online players irate they can’t use currently cash-boosted biker missions to save up for Eudora

GTA Online's Eudora alongside some bikers.
Credit: Rockstar Games.

GTA Online's Eudora alongside some bikers.
Credit: Rockstar Games.

While some are already focused on what might happen once GTA 6 gets a concrete release date, many GTA Online players are just trying to make the most of their remaining time in Los Santos.

After all, with freshly released Last Dose missions to delve into, plenty of rewards to earn and an array of new cars having been dispatched over the past few months, along with a cool place to store them, there’s still plenty of interesting stuff around to keep enterprising criminals busy.

That said, one aspect of these recent additions that hasn’t gone down well among these fanatical felons is the limited availability of certain automobiles, with the latest to be pulled from storefronts having inspired some particularly acerbic reactions.

Were you hoping to grab GTA Online’s Eudora before it became unavailable?

These lowrider-based lamentations form the subject of a recent thread on the GTA Online subreddit, which user NeedForMadnessAuto kicked off by mournfully announcing: “(The) Willard Eudora is now discontinued.”

Their burgling brethren clearly weren’t happy about this development, with user TampaPowers musing: “Prices being unrealistic is one thing, but cars not existing anymore? (The) game must really be dying if they resort to these tactics to get players in.”

User ped1nhuh was even more outraged, declaring: “They just removed the most beautiful car in the game, all in the name of FOMO. I'm glad I got mine at least, but this is (expletive) disgusting.”, thought tmackattak provided some balance to bring their Eudora-stanning back down to Earth, saying: “(It’s a) horrible car to actually drive, although it is pretty.”

Meanwhile, user drgnrbrn316 revealed: “I had to quit playing GTA Online a while back because I have an addictive personality and can turn into a collector if I'm not careful.”, before adding: “Every time I see stuff like this where they're outright baiting players with a similar mentality to my own to buy the car before it's too late, it makes me glad I stopped playing and shuts up the voice telling me to log back in.”

The thread on the GTA Online subreddit.
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For those who are planning on logging in this week, the game is offering the chance to earn double cash and reputation points via Biker Sell Missions, Motorcycle Club Work/Challenges, Clubhouse Contracts, and the Inch by Inch adversary mode.

That said, make sure you take a break if you feel as though you’re playing in a manner that’s damaging to you in any way.

If you’re comfortable with it, you can also follow us to receive regular updates on GTA 6 and GTA Online as new vehicles and more arrive.

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