GTA 6 fans are preparing for Vice City's parties by discussing Miami's real-world nightlife

Some of GTA Online's nightlife.
Credit: Rockstar Games.

Some of GTA Online's nightlife.
Credit: Rockstar Games.

While many GTA players are just trying to enjoy their remaining time in Los Santos by filling up their 50-car garages with exotic cars or working their way through Last Dose missions, some are already looking forward to GTA 6.

After all, aren’t you curious to see what kinds of vehicles will be available in the new game, how it might incorporate mechanics from other titles, or whether you’ll be tasked with saving the world during your first playthrough?

Though all of this likely won’t be known until the game finally arrives, some prospective players are preparing for their upcoming trip to Vice City by seeking out information on the real-world metropolis that’ll serve as its inspiration.

Are you planning a trip to southern Florida in preparation for GTA 6?

One such urban investigation forms the subject of a recent thread on the GTA 6 subreddit, which was kicked off by a post from user SkyHiighGroundLow, who asked: “GTA cities will only be as fun as the cities they are based on. I’ve never been to LA nor Miami. How do they compare nightlife wise?”

A number of people who’d visited or lived in one or both of these places in the past were quick to respond to this request, such as user DontBuyAHorse, who testified: “Miami has a much more visibly vibrant nightlife than LA, largely due to places like Ocean Drive, where lots of clubs/bars are packed into a relatively small area so there's a lot of foot traffic between them.”

Similarly, user Pk10534 argued: “Miami’s nightlife definitely punches above its weight relative to the size of the city. LA might have more bars and clubs because it’s just a much larger metropolitan area, but Miami definitely has a really strong nightlife scene.”

Meanwhile, user CatTheSunshine suggested that the nocturnal antics on offer in Vice City will likely also hold their own against Liberty City and Las Venturas, if their real-world inspirations are anything to go on.

The thread on the GTA 6 subreddit.
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On the other hand, user ChugDix joked: “Miami is the most fun I’ve ever had but it’s also easily the most expensive place I’ve been. I’m sure that will translate well to GTA 6 Online.”

Regardless of whether you’re dreading the amount of grounding that might be necessary to finance your GTA 6 character’s party lifestyle, make sure to follow us for GTA Online updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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