GTA Online players share the best spots to activate Imani’s underrated out of sight service

Imani in GTA Online.
Credit: Rockstar Games.

Imani in GTA Online.
Credit: Rockstar Games.

While some are already focused on what might happen once GTA 6 gets a concrete release date, many GTA Online players are just trying to make the most of their remaining time in Los Santos.

After all, with freshly released Last Dose missions to delve into, plenty of rewards to earn and an array of new cars having been dispatched over the past few months, along with a cool place to store them, there’s still plenty of interesting stuff around to keep enterprising criminals busy.

If you’re the kind of felon who prefers to play solo or just avoid having your crew be bothered by pesky griefers and are planning to head back to Los Santos this Easter, a current topic of discussion on GTA Online’s subreddit might be of interest.

Have you found any secret sites that are ideal for going out of sight in GTA Online?

The thread in question was kicked off by user Nananka, who shared their discovery of the perfect spot to deploy Imani’s out of sight service so that the off-the-radar area it creates allows them to come and go from all of their businesses without being visible to other players.

They also asked fellow criminals to nominate the best places they’ve found that allow you to use the service in a useful or fun manner, leading to some interesting suggestions.

For example, user seltro1 revealed: “For me it's the shrine in Little Seoul. If I get (in) the right spot (there) I can cover my agency, my apartment, my nightclub, my CEO office, and my medium warehouse.”

Similarly, user TrevvieTrev said: “I like to use it in front of the Freakshop. (That) allows me to put my acid lab on the side next to the freeway, with the overpass merging (into) the other freeway above it.”, though JJSwissy argued that this spot’s effectiveness may simply have more to do with its direct proximity to an enterable hideout.

The thread on the GTA Online subreddit.
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On the other hand, user Nox_The_Overlord shared a slightly less entrepreneurial use for the ability, declaring: “(I use it) around the clothing store in the bottom right (of the map). Halloween may be (long) over but that doesn't stop me setting (up) my Arena War Taxi outside of the store to get someone's attention and then charging them with an Apocalypse Cerberus and scaring the hell out of them.”

Meanwhile, many players admitted they’ve never actually used the service, with user Firebreak_Z musing: “Now I've got something to do this weekend.”

Regardless of whether you’re planning on spending Easter out of sight, make sure to follow us to receive regular updates on GTA 6 and GTA Online as new vehicles and more arrive.

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