GTA 6 fans want personal vehicles to be as interactive as Red Dead Redemption 2’s horses

A GTA Online supercar alongside Red Dead Redemption 2's Arthur Morgan on a horse.
Credit: Rockstar Games.

A GTA Online supercar alongside Red Dead Redemption 2's Arthur Morgan on a horse.
Credit: Rockstar Games.

While many GTA players are just trying to enjoy their remaining time in Los Santos by filling up their new 50-car garage with exotic cars or spending some extra time with Dr Dre, some are already looking forward to GTA 6.

After all, aren’t you curious to see what kinds of vehicles will be available in the new game, how it might incorporate mechanics from other titles, or whether you’ll be tasked with saving the world during your first playthrough?

While all of this likely won’t be known until the game finally arrives, some players are currently discussing what they’d like to see from the personal vehicles they’ll be using to get from A to B in Vice City.

What do you want your ride to be able to do in GTA 6?

Their automotive aspirations form the subject of a recent thread on the GTA Online subreddit, which began with a post from user Sufficient_Regular12, who kicked things off by asking: “What do you expect from personal vehicles in GTA VI?”.

They also shared their view on the issue, declaring: “My opinion is that even if the new characters have a car, we should be free to choose any car as the main one, maybe by choosing which car key is in the character's pocket.”

Other criminals shared this desire for the player to be able to interact with their car in fresh ways, with user dubbs911 saying: “I would like to see (there be) access to (a) vehicle’s inventory via (its) trunk/boot, similar to how (Red Dead) Online works with horse inventories.”

Meanwhile, user KingxKO described how they’d like to see Rockstar build upon GTA 5’s introduction of car modding, emphasising: “I would LOVE different engine types or swaps with different sounds and more accurate speeds, (in addition to) drift tires (and) drag tires.”

The thread on the GTA 6 subreddit.
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A lot of fans in the thread referenced Red Dead Redemption 2’s horses as an ideal model that the next GTA’s personal vehicles could mirror in terms of interactivity, with a few even going as far as joking that they’d be disappointed if their cars didn’t have realistic bodily functions.

Thankfully, user JayyFisher2018 brought the equine chat back down to Earth by suggesting: “Speaking of the horses from RDR2, I hope they make a return. Having horses as another form of transport in a GTA game (would) be so fun.”

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to be able to jump over cop cars on your trusty steed after robbing a bank, make sure to follow us for more GTA 6 and GTA Online updates as new vehicles and more arrive.

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