Fortnite players speculate that an Eminem skin could be on the way

An image of Eminem in Fortnite.

An image of Eminem in Fortnite.

While the recent arrival of Dragon Ball Z-themed items in Fortnite still has had many players quaking with fear at the idea of being shot at by Goku, some have seemingly had time for some speculation in between matches.

After all, given that new characters like John Cena can suddenly rock up without being foreseen, it’s understandable that the community is constantly on the lookout for the next celebrity cameo en route to the game.

This time, word on the street is that a new rap God could be on his way to the mean streets of Fortnite, ready to lose himself in the moment and fight until he collapses.

Fortnite players want some of mom’s spaghetti

The speculation regarding this lyrical legend began with a tweet from Fortnite leaker @HYPEX, who said: “Eminem is the ONLY artist playing on Fortnite's ICONs radio right now. Potential collab?”, thanking fellow leaker InTheShadeYT for this supposed tip.

The immediate reaction from fellow Fortnite players seemed to suggest that having more of Mr Nem in the game is something many of them would be open to, with YouTuber I Talk replying: “I would not be upset with an Eminem skin” and content creator Fitzy adding: “Rift Tour with Eminem would go hard.”

Fellow content creator Granbe had another suggestion for the skin, posting an image of Mr Shady in an Eminem-themed superhero costume featured in one of his music videos.

Meanwhile, a few players were not afraid to voice their less positive takes, with a number calling for a Kanye West skin and user @LilBroTort laying down the law by saying: “I think I speak on behalf of ALL Fortnite players when I say we don’t want this mid artist in our game, we’d rather have a TRUE rapper like Tom Macdonald or Machine Gun Kelly.”

A thread reacting to the tweet in the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours featured some equally spicy suggestions, with user dammitadaxhi saying: “Kanye, Peter Griffin (and) Minions” are their top picks to become skins in the game soon.

On the other hand, user Scorn-Muffins identified the key questions regarding Eminem’s possible arrival, asking: “how does one silently take over a radio station?”, to which Yezzik responded: “be a mime and have a gun.”

Regardless of whether you’re an Eminem stan, make sure to follow us for more Fortnite updates and guides to help you acquire skins and boost your skills to Ninja’s level.

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