Fortnite players are a little terrified by the idea of Dragon Ball Z characters using guns

An image of Dragon Ball Z characters in Fortnite.

An image of Dragon Ball Z characters in Fortnite.

The upcoming arrival of Dragon Ball Z-themed items in Fortnite has many players quaking with excitement at the idea of earning some victory royales with the favourite characters from the anime.

However, a few are also shivering with fear regarding the new arrivals, and not just out of concern for their poor wallets.

You see, some are more concerned by the idea of Goku switching out his supernatural powers for an upgraded DMR.

Fortnite players don’t want to get capped by Goku

Their concerns were outlined in a thread on ResetEra, which began with user --R sharing the Twitter post from the official Fortnite account teasing that the Dragon Ball Z items will arrive in the game on August 16.

The immediate reaction to the news from their fellow users was very positive, with The_Iceman2288 saying: “looks really awesome, season's been a bit lacklustre, hopefully this injects some life into it” and J-Skee adding: “They always find a way to make me reinstall every few months.”

However, a few of these Fortnite heads were more immediately concerned by the idea of being no-scoped by Vegeta, with user Shona saying: “I don’t think I’m prepared to see Goku using guns”, only for both Jawmuncher and Biestmann to share artists’ renditions of this exact thing.

Some Dragon Ball lore buffs took more headline stances on the idea of Goku becoming Glocku, with user LiK declaring: “I'm in if young Bulma is part of it. She works perfectly with guns” and Helix adding: “Saiyans don't need guns when they are naturally packing heat.”

Meanwhile, other users reacted to the rumour that the four skins featured in the update will be Bulma, Vegeta, Goku & Beerus by looking at their in-game bank balance, with DontHateTheBacon saying: “welp… good thing I have gotten all the V Bucks out of the battle pass at this point! (I) will be spending (them) this coming week I see…”

Regardless of how empty your Fortnite wallet may be at the end of next week, make sure to follow us for more updates and guides to help you acquire skins and boost your skills to Ninja’s level.

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