Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover - Skins, start time, and more

Promotional image from the Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover.

Promotional image from the Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover.

In one of the game's biggest crossovers so far, a Fortnite Dragon Ball promotion is on the way. The beloved manga and anime series is finally making its way to the hit battle royale game after months of leaks and fan speculation. With four skins expected alongside some big environmental changes, it's going to spin the game on its head.

In this Fortnite guide we'll run through all the details you need to know about the Dragon Ball crossover. We'll start with when the promotion is set to kick off, and follow up with details on which skins to expect, and how you can add them to your in-game locker.

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When does the Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover start?

The first Dragon Ball skins will debut in Fortnite on August 16, 2022. That's according to the only teaser the official Fortnite accounts have posted so far, so expect skins to land in the Item Shop that Tuesday.

One thing that's currently unclear is how long the Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover will last for. Some licensed crossovers such as the ongoing Marvel promotions span years, with new skins arriving to promote upcoming movies, or just sporadically. Whether this is a case of a few one-off skins that arrive and never come back, like the recent RoboCop skin, or something more permanent, is yet to be seen.

Which Dragon Ball skins will be in Fortnite?

Equally, Fortnite has yet to announce the Dragon Ball skins we'll actually be able to purchase. All we've seen so far is the aforementioned image of Shenron, one of the most famous Dragon Balls in the anime and manga series.

However, in a series as littered with high-profile characters as Dragon Ball, we can make some logical assumptions. Don't be surprised at all to see iconic faces like Goku, Beerus, and Vegeta getting the Fortnite treatment.

Renowned Fortnite leakers have the receipts to back it up, too. As per ShiinaBR, four Dragon Ball skins will land in the near future. They cite leaks from Bandai Mexico, confirming Vegeta and Goku as the first two. Beerus is also teased, with an unknown fourth skin expected as well.

On top of that, it seems like there will be an in-game Dragon Ball event with various themed items across the map. They include Dragon Ball capsules and some new lobby screens too:

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Of course, once we've learnt more about the Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossover, we'll update this guide!

How do I get Fortnite Dragon Ball skins?

You won't be surprised to learn that the only way to get the Fortnite Dragon Ball skins is by spending V-Bucks in the Item Shop. That's how you get most premium skins in the game, aside from the rare exception like Darth Vader and Indiana Jones, both of whom are available through battle pass objectives.

In terms of pricing, Epic Games has yet to announce how much the Fortnite Dragon Ball skins will cost. High-profile skins like this tend to cost around 2,000 V-Bucks, if you want to buy the bundle including themed accesories as well. On their own, each skin will probably cost between 1,500 V-Bucks and 1,800 V-Bucks.

That's it for our look at the Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover! Be sure to check back soon, because we'll update this guide the instant new details emerge. Until then, feel free to read up on what to expect from the Chapter 3 Season 4 battle pass!

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