Elden Ring streamer completes no-hit run using electric saxophone

Elden Ring's Malenia and DrDeComposing with their saxophone.
Credit: FromSoftware/DrDeComposing on Twitch.

Elden Ring's Malenia and DrDeComposing with their saxophone.
Credit: FromSoftware/DrDeComposing on Twitch.

Elden Ring players are certainly getting a lot of mileage out of the base version of the game while they wait for more news on its highly-anticipated DLC.

Many have been spicing up their latest attempts to carve through the game’s infamous bosses using mods, some of which can offer a different viewpoint or a few fresh combat moves.

Meanwhile, streamers have even gone as far as completing challenge runs through The Lands Between using Bop-Its, dance pads and the electrical activity from their brains. The latest of these has seen one musically gifted creator manage to complete a no-hit any% run through the game using a saxophone.

Think you could beat Elden Ring using a musical instrument to control the action?

As spotted by IGN, the streamer behind this smooth jazz-filled sojourn through The Lands Between goes by the handle DrDeComposing.

They’ve been gradually working towards beating the game using an electric saxophone and with the added challenge of not taking any hits for a good while, as part of a wider challenge dubbed ‘The Deathless Doot Run’.

As you can see in the clip above, their efforts have now finally yielded the victory they craved, with both Radagon and and the Elden Beast having fallen in quick succession to the doots of DrDeComposing’s Roland Aerophone AE-10.

While this fight may have ended pretty rapidly, sending the streamer into a very understandable outburst of elation, which even included some tears, they didn’t seem overly confident heading into it.

Instead, the final few minutes before they launched into the encounter during the run’s final stream saw the streamer quietly prepare and even pray to a clip of a guy nailing a recorder solo for some extra good luck.

In their Tweet about the achievement, DrDeComposing suggested that they believe they’ve managed “the World's first no-hit run of Elden Ring using a non-traditional controller”.

Since completing the challenge, they have also recorded another stream that sees them re-watch and break down some of its most tense moments, so give that a watch if you’re curious how the whole thing went.

Regardless of whether you’re now learning to play an instrument so you can try a similar Elden Ring challenge run, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to Shadow of the Erdtree as soon as it arrives.

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