Elden Ring challenge streamer beats the game on dance pad without dying

Streamer MissMikkaa alongside a character from Elden Ring.
Credit: FromSoftware/MissMikkaa on Twitter.

Streamer MissMikkaa alongside a character from Elden Ring.
Credit: FromSoftware/MissMikkaa on Twitter.

Since they finally received the announcement that the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is definitely on its way, a lot of Elden Ring players have been putting the hours in to hone their boss-battling skills, so they’ll definitely be ready for whatever horrors it has to offer.

The current in-game trend might be to use these hard-earned abilities to batter the early-game Draconic Tree Sentinel in a wide array of meme-worthy manners, but if you’re in the mood to watch someone else have a go at the game in an unorthodox manner, Twitch definitely has you covered.

While Bop-It, motion, and mind controlled challenge runs through the game have taken the platform by storm in recent months, MissMikkaa’s just managed to complete a tough playthrough that’ll impress even the most hardcore of FromSoft fans.

Have you ever managed to beat Elden Ring without suffering a single death?

The streamer, who’s previously taken on two versions of the game simultaneously and beaten it using only one finger to control the action, kicked off this latest challenge, which sees them try to rush through all of the game’s bosses using a dance pad without suffering any deaths, a couple of weeks ago.

Having established a personal best effort of four deaths over the course of five previous attempts, their latest stream saw them pick up the action midway through attempt 6, having just defeated the Fire Giant, and scythe all the way through to defeating the Elden Beast.

As you can see in the clip above, this battle, which took place just after the two-hour mark of the stream, featured a fair few close shaves, as the streamer contended with invisible walls and dodged the beast’s strokes, gradually bashing it with their hammer.

Once the deed was done, the streamer quipped in response to a fan question regarding where it ranked in their pantheon of Elden Ring journeys by saying that their run through the game on a dance pad at level on remains the most impressive in their eyes, adding: “This one, I was never gonna give up.”

After having taken a breather to bask in the glory of their victory, MissMikkaa decided to immediately start preparing for an even more difficult version of the run, which will involve earning every single remembrance the game has to offer, rather than just any percent-ing it.

Naturally this means they’ll have to get through the infamous Malenia on a dance pad without suffering a single death, something they couldn’t do during this particular stream, suffering a few setbacks before eventually doing the Blade of Miquella in.

Regardless of how many times Malenia has slain you during playthroughs that don’t contain the extra caveat of a dance pad, stay tuned for more coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to Shadow of the Erdtree as soon as it arrives.

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