Elden Ring streamer beats the game, including Malenia, using only one finger

MissMikkaa alongside Elden Ring's Tarnished.
Credit: MissMikkaa on Twitter

MissMikkaa alongside Elden Ring's Tarnished.
Credit: MissMikkaa on Twitter

Since they finally received the massive DLC announcement they’d all been craving, Elden Ring players have all been basking in the warm glow of knowing that the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is definitely on its way.

For those keen to keep on honing their boss-slaying skills so they’re primed and ready to start carving their way through the DLC as soon as it drops, there are plenty of mods that can help to switch up your next trip through the Lands Between in order to make things a bit more interesting.

On the other hand, if you’re in the mood to watch someone else have a go at the game in an unorthodox manner and have already seen the Bop-It and mind-controlled challenge runs through the game, you might want to check out the playthrough MissMikkaa has just completed.

Do you think you could best Elden Ring’s toughest bosses in combat with a single finger?

The streamer, who’s previously taken on two versions of the game simultaneously and used a guitar as a controller, began their latest bizarre attempt at beating it earlier this month, setting themselves the terrifying task of becoming Elden Lord with only one finger on the controls.

While they’ve recently taken a couple of breaks to play some other titles, including freshly released Dead Island 2, in their most recent stream, they dropped back into the Lands Between and, having teased the possibility of a future no-death run on dance pad, set about scything through some of the late game bosses.

Having gotten in some practice on Lionel the Lionhearted and Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree, MissMikkaa was soon going one-on-one with her old adversary Malenia, reaching phase two of the fight during their first attempt.

As usual, the blade of Miquella took a lot more tries to best than any of the previous bosses encountered during the run, troubling the experienced streamer for a good while, before eventually falling to a clubbing blow around three hours and 15 minutes into the broadcast, as you can see in the clip below.

With this victory under their belt, MissMikkaa set about blazing a trail towards the game’s conclusion, quickly downing Sir Gideon Ofnir and Godfrey before trying to take their finger sword to Radagon and the Elden Beast.

It only took one failed bid for the streamer to learn the lessons they needed to best the pair, with the attack that marked the run’s completion coming at the end of attempt number two, after which MissMikkaa held the finger used for it aloft and declared: “This finger has been victorious against all the remembrance bosses of Elden Ring, including Malenia!”

They then enjoyed the Ranni ending, which they’d chosen specifically for this run because it involves putting a ring on a finger.

Regardless of whether you’re now planning out how to accomplish the first-ever one-toe run through Elden Ring, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to Shadow of the Erdtree as soon as it arrives.

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