Elden Ring streamer beats Malenia and the Elden Beast to complete mind-control challenge run

Streamer Perrikaryal next to Elden Ring's setting.
Credit: Perrikaryal on Twitch.

Streamer Perrikaryal next to Elden Ring's setting.
Credit: Perrikaryal on Twitch.

Since they finally received the massive DLC announcement they’d all been craving, Elden Ring players have all been basking in the warm glow of knowing that the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is definitely on its way.

For those keen to keep on honing their boss-slaying skills so they’re primed and ready to start carving their way through the DLC as soon as it drops, there are plenty of mods that can help to switch up the game in order to make things a bit more interesting.

On the other hand, if you’re in the mood to watch someone else have a go at the game in an unorthodox manner and have already seen the one finger and Bop-It challenge runs through the Lands Between, you might want to check out the playthrough streamer Perrikaryal has just completed.

Do you think you could beat Elden Ring using the power of your mind?

The streamer and psychology graduate, who gained a lot of attention earlier this year for using an EEG headset to have a go at controlling their Tanished using the electrical activity from their brain, has seemingly been continuing to plug away at that mind-controlled run over the past few months.

A couple of weeks ago, they made it all the way up to the infamous encounter with much-feared boss Malenia, who’s known for being a particularly troublesome foe to those playing with standard controls, let alone a set of sensors that have to interpret neural impulses.

Following a few streams spent repeatedly throwing themselves at the waterfowl dance wielder in a fashion that’ll be familiar to anyone who’s ever hit a wall in Souls game, punctuated by broadcasts casually discussing topics such as whether evil is innate, Perrikaryal finally managed to down the pesky boss during one of her recent mind control sessions, as you can see in the clip below.

Having briefly basked in the glory of this hard-earned triumph, the streamer immediately set their sights on taking down the Radagon/Elden Beast combo that stood between her and successfully completing her brain-based run.

They finally accomplished this goal during her most recent stream of the run, downing the beast with a barrage of spells around three hours and 40 minutes into the broadcast and being rendered completely speechless in the aftermath, as the magnitude of their achievement slowly sunk in, before letting off a party popper in celebration.

“How many months was that?”, Perrikaryal then yelled, continuing: “Of work and pain and stress! And we’ve come so far!”

They’ve since received a message of congratulations from EMOTIV, the Bioinformatics company behind the wearable EEG system used for the run, which you can seemingly buy for yourself from their website.

Regardless of whether you’re now trying to figure out how to combine a different stipulation with your new headset to create the next great Elden Ring challenge run, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to Shadow of the Erdtree as soon as it arrives.

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