Elden Ring players are nominating interesting potential names for its highly-anticipated DLC

Some players having a battle in Elden Ring's free DLC.

Some players having a battle in Elden Ring's free DLC.

When they’ve not been busy dreaming about a Netflix show set in the Lands Between, having Star Wars-style PvP duels, or debating how crimson tears might actually taste, Elden Ring players have spent a lot of time recently wondering when they’ll be getting some DLC for it.

The just announced and free Colosseum update might have alleviated some of these desires, possibly postponing some from embarking on yet another drawing pad or one-handed playthrough.

However, one group of Elden Ringers are still discussing potential names for the big expansion to come, many of which are just as zany as the ideas for its content they’d previously come up with.

What are you hoping Elden Ring’s DLC will look like?

These suggestions are the subject of a thread on the subreddit r/eldenring, which began with a post from user Various-Pll-5591, who kicked things off by asking: “What do you think (the) Elden Ring DLC’s title will be?”, adding their own suggestion that it’ll be christened: “The Soulless Demigods.”

Their fellow tarnished were quick to offer a few alternative ideas, with user Metbert declaring that it could either be “something imposing and easily identifiable” or “something crazy and never mentioned”, while Gorgosen outlined their pitch for a trilogy of DLCs called “Life in Death”, “The Slumbering God” and “Outer Gods.”

Others weren’t willing to commit to a name, with user tremorofforgery saying that the DLC’s title will be: “Something utterly unexpected.” and Penitent_0ne explaining: “Considering Fromsoft DLC very rarely references its base game, it’s a little difficult to guess.”

Thankfully, this uncertainty didn’t stop a barrage of players from contributing slightly less serious suggestions, with user bnb_336 choosing: “Elden Ring: Leonard's Revenge”, WakemedownInside opting for: “Elden Ring: The Lands Beyond” and Open_Mathematician41 declaring their support for: “Elden Ring: The Winds of Winter.”, adding: “So George R.R. Martin can say he technically released it.”

Meanwhile, user Regular-Mechanic-150 went for: “Elden Ring: Bear witness!”, leading TheCrowing817 to suggest that: “it changes all enemies to Rune Bears.”

Regardless of whether you’d be satisfied with some rune bear-centric Elden Ring DLC, make sure to follow us for coverage of some great Elden Ring mods.

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