Cyberpunk 2077 - Mod gives V the ability to pet their cat

V petting the cat in Cyberpunk 2077.

V petting the cat in Cyberpunk 2077.

While Cyberpunk 2077 has endured a difficult lifespan since its 2020 release, with a barrage of bugs and glitches on various platforms originally putting off players, things are finally looking up for the Keanu Reeves friendship simulator.

Following the release of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, a lot of people have been tempted into giving the game another chance. This has led to some massive player numbers that have only grown stronger since the announcement that the game will be getting a sequel.

But now, a new mod has provided animal-loving players with yet another reason to drift back into Night City. Yes, you can finally give V the ability to pet their cat. And rightly so.

Can you pet the cat in Cyberpunk 2077? Yes!

The mod in question is called ‘Pet The Cat’ and is the work of modder deceptious, whose previous work has added more depth to the game’s romanceable characters. They've also given V a few more options when it comes to grabbing a drink with friends.

But this time, they’ve given everyone’s favourite cybernetically-enhanced mercenary the chance to unleash some killer belly rubs and strokes on the furless friend (called Nibbles) they can adopt by completing a short side quest.

With the mod installed, either manually or using REDmod, said cat can be approached as long as it isn’t mid-slumber. You can give your feline friend a fuss though activating this option won’t quite get you all the way to tummy-tickling city.

Instead, you’ll need to head for either your apartment’s shower or its wardrobe once you’ve engaged in fussing. This will trigger Nibbles to move to a location where the petting can truly begin.

Currently, these locations are on a seat watching some holo-ads, or in the washing basket where you can also find Nibbles sleeping.

Regardless of which of the two you end up deciding offers the superior petting experience, make sure to follow us for updates on the wacky world of Cyberpunk 2077 modding. We've got some great guides to turn Night City into the Matrix, as well as getting rid of the not-so-PG advertisements. Be sure to check back regularly, because we also keep up to date with any new info on the game’s upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion, which is set to debut in 2023.

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