Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Makes Night City Look Like The Matrix

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A screenshot of Cyberpunk 2077 looking like The Matrix.
Credit: XIIIRe on Nexus Mods.

For all of its occasional faults, Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City can still look spectacular, with looming buildings and colourful neon hinting at the masterpiece the game could have been if things had gone differently.

Then again, perhaps its rather Keanu Reeves-centric story was never going to be for everyone, even if the man playing Johnny Silverhand had put in the performance of a lifetime.

However, if you’re a big fan of the actor’s work in the movie world, a new mod might just take Cyberpunk to that next level for you, by making its visuals resemble The Matrix.


Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Makes Game Resemble Another Keanu Reeves Flick

This mod, called “Matrix Color Grading Reshade” is the work of modder XIIIRe, whose previous work has gone the other way, endeavouring to make the game look less green.

The newer mod comes with four different Matrix-inspired presets for you to choose from, which offer a range of colour correction presets via ini files that’ll allow you to tweak just how much you want to feel like you’re looking through the eyes of Mr Anderson.

Some of the options are more extreme, with the Matrix100 and Matrix100dark files being much more stylized and different from the vanilla settings than either Matrix10, which is the light option and Matrix50, which is the main file and aims to offer the most balanced visuals.

A screenshot of Cyberpunk 2077 looking like The Matrix.
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Credit: XIIIRe on Nexus Mods.

Even if you aren’t a Matrix fan, the mod might be up your alley if you like your games to remind you of Fallout 3’s Capital Wasteland, which is also rather infamous for its emerald tint going beyond just the super mutants.

Or, if you want the game to resemble a movie that isn’t the Matrix, another mod might be more your style, with Wspirit82’s “Movie film feel for Cyberpunk 2077” aiming to make the game look a bit more Hollywood.

Whichever reshade pill you pick, make sure to follow us for updates on the wacky worlds of Elden Ring, Skyrim, and Fallout modding.