Witcher fans are low-key hoping they get a Farming Simulator-style game from CDPR’s horde of newly announced titles

An image of the protagonists of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher.

An image of the protagonists of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher.

Following CD Projekt Red’s decision to suddenly announce a massive assortment of upcoming titles, while also revealing that current joint CEO Marcin Iwiński will be moving into a non-executive role, social media has naturally been abuzz with takes and theories about these projects.

With several fresh Witcher titles, a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 and even a mysterious new IP codenamed Hadar all on the list, there’s certainly plenty of material for players to speculate about. Many have been doing just that.

In the case of one section of Witcher fans on Reddit, this has meant taking the tongue-in-cheek suggestion of a game simulating Geralt’s life at the conclusion of The Witcher 3 and evolving it into something that actually sounds pretty fun.

Would you be open to experiencing Geralt’s agricultural adventures?

The genesis of this interesting pitch took place in a thread discussing CDPR’s announcements on the subreddit r/witcher, which began with user DevilHeadache simply posting the slides concerning new Witcher games from CDPR’s presentation on its long-term strategy update, which is also outlined in the video below.

Responding to this, user Shakeandbake529 joked: “A sequel to (The) Witcher 3 will be a game about Geralt managing his vineyard, keeping up the romance with Yen, and engaging with the greater Beauclair community. I call it Harvest Wolf: A wonderful Witcher’s life.” and cited CDPR’s YouTube video celebrating the tenth anniversary of the game series as part of their inspiration.

The replies to this idea saw users amusingly repurpose a multitude of lines from the game to fix a domestic context, with CombatWombat994 saying: “Geralt to a misshapen grape: ‘Damn, you're ugly’.”, Bioslack adding: “(Geralt saying) ‘What now, you piece of filth?’ as he scrubs away at his stained trousers.” and another user possibly taking the cake with the suggestion: “Geralt to (a) drawer when putting dishes away: ‘How do you like that silver....ware?’”

By the end of this riff off, some users seemed to have come around to the idea of a white wolf farming simulator, with joe2596 admitting: “This actually seems like it would be a good story.”

Sadly, fans over in the subreddit r/cyberpunkgame didn’t quite have any ideas this radical for their game’s sequel, with the main talking points outside of general hype being about its name (Cyberpunk 2078 vs Cyberpunk 2077 2) and whether it should retain Night City as a setting.

Though, a few more details about Cyberpunk, in particular, have emerged in the time since the announcement, with Axios’ Stephen Totilo confirming that work on the sequel, codenamed Orion isn’t in development quite yet and VGC’s Andy Robinson suggesting that the game might utilise the Unreal engine.

Regardless of which of the newly announced titles you’re most hyped for, make sure to follow us to get any new updates as soon as they’re available and for coverage of some cool Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 mods.

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