Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 players split over planned health adjustment

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Modern Warfare 3 Captain Price crouching and player firing rocket launcher
Credit: Activision

Player health values in Call of Duty titles play an integral role in determining the time to kill and how easy it is for those playing games like Modern Warfare 3 to outgun the opposition during a multiplayer match.

Following the reveal event for the series upcoming entry, Sledgehammer Games has shared a wealth of information about it, including details on the Zombies mode and a new way to play the campaign in the form of Open Combat Missions.

Alongside these innovations, the developer also confirmed an increase in base player health, which will be implemented in a bid to improve gameplay. The change has divided players, with some being in favour of it and others wishing health would remain the same as it was in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 3's planned health changes divide fans

Shortly after the reveal trailer went live, user RJE808 took to Reddit to share the list of planned changes, including player health going from a default value of 100 up to 150.

On one hand, lots of players who've reacted to the post look to approve of Sledgehammer Games' decision. One suggested: "Finally, we'll get a good time to kill (value) that will allow for some (better) reaction time."

On the other, some are concerned the change will negatively impact the flow of the game. One argues: "I like all of this except (the) 150 health (change). Older Call o Duty (games) had an even faster (time to kill) than Modern Warfare 2 did. Higher TTKs make it hard to squad wipe."

Despite the concerns of such players, the change to base health for MW3 looks to have been well-received overall. One player summed up the general feeling by saying: "I'm so happy with the change. I love the TTK in Cold War and this is a very positive change."

With a widespread dose of balancing expected to arrive for the weaponry being carried over into Modern Warfare 3, the higher time to kill will probably be noticeable, but could provide players with a higher chance of defeating the opposition in the heat of battle.


Of course, we'll have to see how the change plays out in practice once the beta goes live later this year.

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