Call of Duty anti-cheat wrongfully bans innocent players

Call of Duty player sprinting with gun in air and player using phone
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty player sprinting with gun in air and player using phone
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty’s Ricochet anti-cheat has reduced the number of hackers dropping into Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. Despite its best efforts, some continue to slip through the net much to the annoyance of players attempting to conquer ranked play and Al Mazrah.

Prior to the Season 3 update, the team behind the anti-cheat unveiled a wealth of new measures which included turning innocent players invincible when encountering a cheater. Although the changes were well-received, they’ve not stopped legitimate players from receiving frustrating shadowbans.

After jumping into some multiplayer to see what the FJX Imperium and Cronen Squall have to offer, one fan claims innocent players are still taking trips to the shadow realm.

Legit Call of Duty players still receiving shadowbans

According to Reddit user AthleticFunGuy98, Ricochet is still sending players that aren’t using any cheats into lobbies containing numerous hackers and high ping.

“I bought the Battle Pass and before I could even complete the first Sector, I was sent back into the shadow realm for the second time,” reports the player. The reason behind the anti-cheat taking action against innocent players involves the in-game reporting system. If several players decide to submit a report, a shadowban is dished out even without any evidence to dispute the claim.

AthleticFunGuy isn’t the only one that’s received a shadowban in the first few days of the new season. “How is this not being caught by Activision?” questions one fan. With several members of the community earning a temporary suspension, the only solution is to wait and hope Activision find them innocent of any wrongdoing.

A typical shadowban in Call of Duty usually lasts four days which is hugely frustrating for anyone wanting to play multiplayer or battle royale matches. Hopefully, Activision is aware of the problem and the team behind Ricochet is hard at work applying further measures to stop legitimate players from earning a ban.

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