Best Buy Will Start Stocking PS5s, Xbox Series X In Store

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For the first time since Sony and Microsoft released their new consoles in 2020, Best Buy will have PS5 restocks and Xbox Series X restocks in the stores, TechRadar reports. Previously, only retailers such as Sam's Club had stock in physical locations, and even that was limited.

Best Buy has had no PS5 restocks in over a month, and it's been even longer for Xbox restocks. However, TechRadar's Matt Swider said that's in preparation for the push to have regular stock for each in store moving forward.

How much, and what limitations Best Buy will place on purchase, remain to be seen. Swider said that, as yet, Best Buy hasn't sent employees final instructions on how the process will work.

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Best Buy Will Start Stocking PS5s, Xbox Series X In Store

Swider's sources said, and proved with photo evidence, each store is expected to receive roughly 50 units of each console.

More information is expected to surface on Wednesday, including a list of locations receiving stock of both consoles.

How long this will last or whether either platform holder can sustain shipments through the holidays remains uncertain, though some analysts believe the current chip shortage could lead to oversupply in the coming months.

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