Armored Core 6 launch trailer has fans incredibly hyped about the creative potential of late-game mech builds

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Some mechs in Armored Core 6.
Credit: FromSoftware.

While Elden Ring players continue to get a lot of mileage out of the game, mainly thanks to mods and bizarre challenge runs, as they wait for more news on its highly-anticipated DLC, many FromSoft fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Armored Core 6.

The latter is set to land later this week and treat players to plenty of action-packed and colourfully-rendered mech battles, each of which will feature enough explosions and energy blasts to decimate a small neighbourhood.

While many prospective players have recently been a bit concerned that tank builds could end up being an overpowered option in one-on-one PvP matchups, the game’s launch trailer has firmly dragged their attention back towards coming up with creative mech builds.

Did you spot a mech build you can’t wait to emulate in Armored Core 6’s latest trailer?

In a thread on r/armoredcore about the trailer, which premiered during Gamescom Opening Night Live, a bunch of prospective players have pointed out mech parts and builds that it features which they can’t wait to see in-game.

“Dude, there are going to be some incredible builds in this game, we haven't seen anything yet,” declared user MidEastBeast777, having been through the video in slow motion to pick out features like the ability to be followed around by a drone sidekick.

That said, some of the mech parts that have players most excited are a lot harder to miss, such as a jet-powered pile driver, an arm-mounted weapon that gives player who don’t mind riskier strategies the chance to drive a giant metal stake into foes, and the ability to wield a double chainsaw attachment.

Also popular was a build rocking twin BC-5001 SOUP missile launcher, affectionately referred to by players simply as a soup launcher, on both shoulders, with the potential to dish out double servings to enemies being something Armored Core’s many culinary aficionados love the idea of.

Others are more interested in wielding the huge blue laser blade shown off by one of the trailer’s enemies, with some speculating that it could be the legendary Moonlight, a staple weapon of the series famed for always being among the most powerful blades.

Regardless of whether you’re now planning out a mech build that somehow incorporates all of the weapons featured in the trailer, make sure to follow us for guides to both Armored Core 6 and Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.

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