Armored Core 6 mechs are about as tall as Elden Ring’s Radahn, setting up a battle we all want to see

An Armored Core 6 mech alongside Elden Ring's Radahn.
Credit: FromSoftware.

An Armored Core 6 mech alongside Elden Ring's Radahn.
Credit: FromSoftware.

Now Armored Core 6 has arrived, those who’ve been eagerly awaiting the chance to dive into some action-packed mech battles can finally do just that.

While some fans had been looking forward to the game’s story, many were mainly excited about the prospect of building a bot that can decimate opponents in duels, or at least leave a lasting imprint on those who beat it by being creative and unorthodox.

Unsurprisingly, it hasn’t taken long for players to start putting together an array of cool and bizarre bots. Meanwhile, one player has been more concerned with working out how the scale of the game’s world compares to the FromSoftware release that preceded it.

Which of Elden Ring’s bosses would you be most interested in battling using your Armored Core 6 mech?

The FromSoft fan in question is dataminer Zullie The Witch, who’s known for having discovered a lot of the information we’ve learned about Elden Ring’s cut content and obscure secrets since it came out.

Recently, they’ve turned their attention towards the sizes of Armored Core 6’s big battling bots, having first of all sought to see how lofty the new game’s mechs are in comparison to previous entries in the series.

As you can see in the video above, using in-game unit measurements, they’ve worked out that the default Armored Core you’ll be using at the start of the game stands roughly ten metres tall. This is a bit shorter than the mech battlers depicted in other series, such as Gundam, and as Zullie points out, continues the FromSoft trend of casting players as a vertically challenged overcomer of big baddies.

Making use of the fact that AC6 and Elden Ring use the same engine, the dataminer has since discerned that an Armored Core is “about [six] times as big as the Tarnished” from Elden Ring, with the latter standing at around 1.7 units tall to the former’s ten units.

In response to a Twitter user suggesting that this would make the mech a similar size to Radahn, Zullie revealed: “Radahn is about [eight metres tall], not counting his hair, so it's pretty close, yeah.”

Naturally, this has both those in the thread and us wondering just how a battle between the two might play out, with some suggesting they’re eagerly waiting to see if, given time, modders can add some fearsome foes from The Lands Between into Armored Core 6, so the battle can actually be staged.

Given that modding projects like the Garden of Eyes have been able to pit some Dark Souls bosses against Elden Ring’s roster of tough adversaries, hopefully we get to see a mech take on the Red Lion General at some point soon.

Regardless of whether you’re now trying to build a mech you think could take down Malenia, make sure to follow us for guides to both Armored Core 6 and Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, as soon as the latter arrives.

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