Armored Core 6's mech builds already include a terrifying minion and the most American thing ever

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Some mechs in Armored Core 6.
Credit: FromSoftware.

Now Armored Core 6 has arrived, those who’ve been eagerly awaiting the chance to dive into some action-packed mech battles are finally getting the chance to do just that.

While some fans have been looking forward to the game’s story, many have mainly been excited about the prospect of building a bot that can decimate opponents in duels, or at least leave a lasting imprint on those who beat it by being unorthodox.

Unsurprisingly, it hasn’t taken long for players to start showing off an array of the cool, and in some cases bizarre, creations they’ve managed to put together using the game’s array of customisation options.

How would you feel if you ended up fighting one of these mechs in Armored Core 6?

It’s very difficult to pick out which of the mech designs that’ve hit the Armored Core subreddit so far to start with, because they’re all very interesting or amusing in their own different ways.

For example, some players have decided to take inspiration from TV shows or movies, others have decided to go for a look that mirrors construction or farming machinery, and a few have just decided to add a comedic sticker or two to spice up their works.

Then, there are creations like the uber-American mech of user CuriousBamboozle, which comes complete with stars, stripes, and a head that aims to resemble the mug of a bald eagle. User UltraInstinctPoggers has gone for a similar idea, but opted for a tankier chassis, resulting in a bot that really looks like it blasts the Star-Spangled Banner every time it rolls into combat.

Truth be told, however, you haven’t really seen anything until you’ve laid eyes on user OuMahGudness’ re-creation of one of Despicable Me’s minions, which they’ve dubbed “Fires of Grubicon.” From the bulging eye to the just-about-competently painted dungarees and finally the fact its name, “Stuart,” is emblazoned on its chest not once but twice, I’m fairly certain it’ll be haunting my dreams tonight.

Players have also been sharing some of their emblem designs, with Elden Ring and Dark Souls-themed ones naturally proving quite popular.

Given the game’s been out for less than 24 hours as of writing, who knows what kinds of creative designs players will be rocking once they’ve had a bit more time to experiment?

Regardless of whether you’re now putting the finishing touches on your own stylish or meme-worthy mech, make sure to follow us for guides to both Armored Core 6 and Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, as soon as the latter arrives.

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