Apex Legends glitch sees players clip inside walls

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Screenshot of Apex Legends wall and Apex Legends Revenant with glowing eyes
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Thanks to the game's array of characters and mechanics, there are all kinds of possible ways to evade elimination during an Apex Legends match.

With attention shifting towards the launch of Season 18, players dropping into Respawn Entertainment's battle royale have recently been sharing their favourite Season 17 weapons. In other news, one player believes the upcoming season could include the destruction of a map.

Unfortunately, some players are currently taking their evasive skills to another level in game-breaking fashion. This is seemingly thanks to a bug, which is enabling players to merge inside walls, resulting in them becoming invisible to any nearby threats.

Apex Legends wall glitch ruining matches

After witnessing it during a recent ranked match, user Thegreatjimmy124 has taken to Reddit to showcase the exploit in action. After opening fire, the apparent bug allows one of the redditor's opponents to walk through a nearby wall.

Based on the post's comments, this instance of a player disappearing into the scenery isn't an isolated incident. One player in the thread said: "(This) happened once with me before. Thermite grenade solved it pretty quickly."

Another player joked: "These rat spots are getting ridiculous." Rat spots are often used in ranked matches in order for players to easily make it into the final stages of a match. Occupying one of these spots, which can range from bushes to tight corners of the map, can be a simple way of earning ladder points without having to score plenty of eliminations.

The exact cause of the glitch allowing players inside walls is unclear. Considering that the ability to take cover inside a wall isn't an intentional Apex Legends feature, there's a high chance Respawn Entertainment will address the issue as part of the upcoming seasonal update.

For now, it's worth being aware of anyone standing too close to any structures during casual and ranked matches. Unaware players may end up getting a shock as bullets appear from an unlikely location.

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