Apex Legends player claims underrated rifle is best the game has to offer

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Havoc rifle and Apex Legends Loba pointing gun
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Given a huge variety of weapons on offer in Season 17 of Apex Legends, finding the very best ones to add to your loadout at any given time can prove tricky.

As focus among players starts switching towards to what Season 18 has in store, some of those dropping into the action have recently been discussing their biggest gripes with Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, while others have encountered a Trident bug that can make them temporarily invincible.

The latest topic of discussion within the game's community involves an underrated rifle, which one player claims is even better than the historically dominant Nemesis Burst AR.

The best Apex Legends Season 17 rifle

The player in, user Knight-112, has shared a gameplay clip to Reddit that they claim shows that the Havoc is currently the best rifle on offer in the battle royale.

They seem pretty sure in their assertion too, having declared: "nothing can change my mind.” Thankfully, it appears that some of their fellow community members agree with their take. “(The) Havoc is an (overpowered) gun, the best damage dealer," replied one, continuing: "Even if you don’t have a Turbo, (you) just need to know about the delay for shooting and the recoil (to be able to do well with it).”

On the other hand, there are many who maintain that the Nemesis Burst AR remains at the very top of the list, with one joking: "(The) Nemesis wants to know your location.” To counter, user Knight-112 replied: “I mean, the Nemesis is so (overpowered that) I don’t think it would be fair to compare anything to it.”

There are also plenty of other guns aside from these two that can make an impact in mid-range engagements, such as the R-301, which one player in the thread insists "is still king”.

Ultimately, which Apex Legends rifle is best for your character comes down to personal preference. While spinning up the Havoc is a strong choice for some, others prefer the Nemesis Burst AR, while some stick with the always-reliable R-301.

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