Apex Legends Reddit goes dark amid sitewide protest

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Screenshot showing Apex Legends Ballistic aiming with a pistol and the Reddit logo on a black background
Credit: Respawn Entertainment / Reddit

The Apex Legends Reddit acts as a hub for members of the community to share their thoughts on and gameplay clips from Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. More often than not, there are plenty of discussions and debates surrounding various aspects of the game on the go at all times.

As Season 17 continues and attention turns to the Dressed to Kill collection event, some fans believe skill-based matchmaking is getting worse, while leaks have seemingly uncovered a new Prestige skin for a popular Legend.

Meanwhile, players may have noticed they’re unable to access the Apex Legends subreddit over the past few days and it’s because it’s gone dark as part of a sitewide protest.

Why is Apex Legends' subreddit private?

The reasons behind the Apex Legends subreddit going dark is down to Reddit’s decision to charge third-party app creators to access the website’s API. In order to protest the decision, the Apex Legends and other gaming-focused Reddit pages have gone private.

One Twitch streamer, named reddark_247, is keeping track of the blackout, and at the time of writing, nearly seven thousand pages are restricted.

Third-party apps have been responsible for pushing numerous Reddit threads for several years in order to provide a smoother user experience and an alternative to the official Reddit app.

It appears Reddit has had enough of third-party apps using its data and plans on charging them to access it. According to Apollo, one of the popular third-party apps, the changes will result in an annual running cost of $20 million.

It’s not just the Apex Legends subreddit that has gone dark. Other Reddit pages for the likes of Overwatch and Rocket League have also shut their doors as a mark of protest.

When will the Apex Legends Reddit return?


It’s unclear when the Apex Legends subreddit will become a public forum once again. The protest was meant to last 48 hours, meaning it should come back online on June 14, but there’s always a chance of a protest extension.

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