Apex Legends players suggest "realistic" ways to improve the game

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Apex Legends player looking at sky, kneeling on ground with rifle in the air and Bloodhound calling raven onto their arm
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Striking a balance between pleasing Apex Legends fans and making sure certain aspects of the battle royale game aren't overpowered is a tricky task. With Season 17 currently raging, Respawn Entertainment continues to things in a bid to ensure a smooth gameplay experience awaits those dropping into the action.

So far this season, fans believe SBMM (skill-based matchmaking) is continuing to get worse, while a Lifeline bug has been preventing players from healing during the heat of battle.

The latest topic of conversation within the game's community has seen players suggest realistic changes they think Respawn could make in order to improve Apex Legends.

Realistic Apex Legends changes

Reddit user kbanks19 kicked this discussion by asking: “What can Respawn realistically do to make Apex better?” before listing a number of reasons why the current season is frustrating fans.

Kbanks19 argued: “I feel (that things aren't especially great) now, largely due to matchmaking, poor dev to player relations, and the whole ranked system.” Several members of the community agreed and have suggested other areas where there’s room for improvement.

One user declared: “(Respawn Entertainment should) work on audio, I shouldn’t have to wear good quality headphones to hear enemy audio. It’s a huge difference and not everyone has great equipment.”

Audio continues to cause issues during Apex Legends matches due to a lack of clarity, which can leave players vulnerable to any nearby opposition. Despite numerous calls for the developers to address the audio, fans continue to encounter problems.

Aside from this, one player believes there are other simple changes that could prove effective. They say: “Fix dead-sliding, change the ranked system, vault World’s Edge for once and bring back (King’s Canyon)/Olympus for (regular matches) or have all maps on permanent rotation.”

Respawn Entertainment often considers player feedback, so there’s always a chance that Season 18 will feature minor changes that make a long-term difference.

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