Apex Legends players claim popular Mixtape mode is "poorly designed"

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Screenshot showing Apex Legends players holding flag and Apex Legends players firing weapons while standing in a line
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Designed to function alongside the usual dose of battle royale action Apex Legends players know and love, Respawn Entertainment’s Mixtape modes always contains a variety of match types that cater to players who don't want to attempt to become the last player standing.

As Season 17 continues to progress, some of these FPS lovers have recently been calling on the developer to remove a popular map from the ranked rotation, in a bid to combat campers exploiting areas to earn high placements.

Meanwhile, in the competitive playlist, one fan has claimed that a popular Mixtape mode features several elements that are flawed and impact the flow of matches.

Is Apex Legends Control badly designed?

A recent Reddit post from user whatisabaggins55 asks if Control is a “really poorly designed mode,” citing a range of reasons why the objective-based mode isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

“All of these things just make for very one-sided matches 9 times out of 10,” claims the user, who believes “90% of matches are decided in the first minute.”

On the other hand, another member of the community pointed out that there are other factors that influence the outcome of a Control match. “I wouldn’t say most of these are problems with the mode itself, but just the nature of people casually playing it.”, they explain, citing a range of different play styles rarely seen in battle royale modes.

Control sees two teams of nine attempt to secure and maintain control of three zones dotted over the map. The team with the most points at the end of a match is declared the winner. In a bid to improve the mode, one fan thinks they’ve found a solution, saying: “One thing that would improve the mode would be adding 9-player lobbies so you can actually formulate a game plan.” Would more coordination give players more control over the action?

For now, it appears Respawn Entertainment doesn’t plan on addressing issues with Control anytime soon. Thankfully, the Mixtape contains plenty of other fun battle royale alternatives.

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