Apex Legends bug allows players to shoot when downed

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Screenshot of Apex Legends players downed and behind knockdown shield and Pathfinder displaying a sad face on chest monitor
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Downing an opponent in Apex Legends is a surefire way of scoring eliminations. Season 17 of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale is in full swing and fans continue dropping into the action in a bid to become the last squad standing.

Although the Season 17 patch notes contain numerous bug fixes in addition to plenty of weapon buffs and nerfs, members of the community are still demanding a nerf for one particularly overpowered rifle.

As the current season progresses, one player has uncovered a bug where they’re able to shoot players while in a downed state.

Downed Apex Legends players can fight back

The bug, uncovered by Reddit user Astathe shows the player knocked down by an incoming squad but instead of using the knockdown shield, they’re able to fire the Bocek Bow.

Despite having access to the Bocek Bow in a downed state, the player still manages to fall to the incoming squad pressuring the rooftop. While players wait for a potential fix, one user believes they’ve found the cause. “Wraith is currently bugged right now and this is an old bug that has reappeared,” comments the fan. “Yes, you can shoot while down for an unfair advantage.”

As expected, the discovery of a bug that gives players an unfair advantage has caused some frustration. “This game is literally just problem after problem,” comments one frustrated fan. “Most battle royales don’t deal with these issues so regularly.”

Considering the bug provides an unfair advantage, there’s a strong possibility Respawn Entertainment applies a fix before the start of Season 18. As it’s a recurring issue, the developer should have the ability to stop players from firing weapons while crawling along the ground.

For the time being, be aware of any downed players over the course of a match. For more Apex Legends, check out our Apex Legends weapon tier list for the best guns to use in Season 17.

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