Apex Legends players discuss the best Legends for beginners to main ahead of Season 18

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Bangalore running with a rifle and Apex Legends Bloodhound holding raven on arm
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Dropping into an Apex Legends match for the very first time can be an overwhelming experience due to the various mechanics to master, as well as the wide variety of Legends to choose between before climbing aboard the drop ship.

With the focus of many fans turning towards the launch of Season 18, one of the game's developers has already confirmed that ranked changes are on the way, while a recent leak claims a new map is in development for an update further down the line.

As more players load into the final weeks of Season 17, some have decided to discuss the best Legends to use for the new players that might pick up the battle royale for the first time during the upcoming season.

What are the best Apex Legends characters for beginners?

In a bid to find a solid Legend for their own first few forays into the game, user JustLivingInThisLife has headed to Reddit on a quest to find the best Legend for beginners.

They kicked off their post by explaining: “I tried to look at YouTube videos on good Legends for beginners, but (there) was a lot of conflicting reasoning (from video to video). If you can give (me) a good recommendation with a simple reason as to why, I would appreciate it.”

After a decent amount of replies from fellow community members, there’s one Legend that seems to stand out from the crowd more than others, with one fan saying: “In my personal opinion, Bangalore. She’s just really easy to play.”

Another strong suggestion from the players in the thread came in the form of an elusive, recon-focused character, with user lolripped arguing: “My first choice would be Bloodhound for starters. Super simple to use and helps you and your team see where your enemies are.”

Throughout Season 17, Bangalore has proven to be a popular option in casual and competitive matches thanks to her 'smoke launcher' tactical and 'rolling thunder' ultimate, the latter of which unleashes a barrage of missiles onto a specific area of the map.


When dropping into the action, both Bangalore or Bloodhound are solid stepping stones before using other Legends that take a bit of time to master.

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